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Jun 22, 1999 12:39 PM

Sin Sin

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Can anyone vouch for Sin Sin in the East Village? The review sounds good, but this is for a
large party (12ish) and so has to be pretty good.

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  1. Just ate there last week, Seth, and it's quite, quite
    good. "Global American" food with an Irish accent here
    and there, effortlessly sleek (especially for a place
    this new), and very comfortable. It'd be great for a
    party, because there's a big swanky "Leopard Lounge"
    upstairs. The dining area seats 50-60, and there's a
    full dinner menu served 'til 4 a.m. However, it's kind
    of pricey (for the East Village): appetizers are about
    $5-15, and entrees are $13-24 (for lamb rack). But I
    think you get what you pay for. The chef has some
    unusual ideas (Cabernet roquefort sauce for the filet
    mignon) and some very solid signatures--my favorite was
    black-sesame encrusted rare tuna medallions arranged
    around a mound of garlic mashed potatoes all scattered
    with deep-fried spinach. The place feels well-heeled
    enough to stay put long enough to attract the following
    it deserves. After all, First (which, about a block
    east, has similar inventiveness and prices) took several
    months to find its audience.

    Hope I've been helpful. Bon app├ętit!


    1. we ate there last night the food was not worth the
      price,over salted,cold sloppy on the plate.weird
      combinations.shows the chef is very young in his
      cooking.maybe he should stay a cook a little longer