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Jun 22, 1999 11:12 AM

Chinatown Banquet.

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Friends are planning a wedding rehearsal dinner for
about 75 people in Chinatown and asked for suggestions
as to a place. The size is obviously a limiting
factor and I thought of Golden Unicorn. I discarde
Triple Eight, which I don't care for. Another friend
suggested Nice. Any other ideas?

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  1. harmony palace on Mott n. of Canal is large and
    banquet-oriented. May be hard to book.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Jin Fong, on Elizabeth street, can accommodate large
      banquet groups. I was last there about 3 years ago and
      had a very good dinner, and there was actually what
      looked like a rehearsal dinner for a large group of non
      Chinese going on in the next room.