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Jun 21, 1999 12:40 PM

Where to Eat Near Lincoln Center

  • j

Any suggestions? We are looking for good food - something not too expensive.

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  1. A perennial problem. Try Nick and Tony's, behind Barnes & Noble -- the food was good on the one occasion I've eaten there so far, and they have an excellent and fairly priced wine list (which is what drew me in) -- I recommend the Ramsay Pinot Noir, which was so good both my companion and I went around the corner to 67 Wines to pick up a bottle.

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    1. re: steve d.

      Picholine is a fantastic place.
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John Knoesel

        Picholine is great, I agree. There's also Cafe des Artistes, which is a classic. For a less expensive meal, Santa Fe, on 69th off Columbus, serves pretty good upscale Southwestern, and a great margarita to boot. If you're feeling like a simple bowl of pasta with excellent marinara sauce (fresh flavor with the perfect balance of tang and sweetness) try heading up just a little bit to Arte Pasta (on 73rd off Columbus), which offers a bargain bowl at $5.95 (get extra sauce on the side). I can't guarantee their other dishes though.

        1. re: Kate

          I agree. Artepasta is very good. Make reservations,
          they get crowded.

          1. re: debbie

            I agree on Nick & Toni's.

            Another place to consider: Shun Lee Cafe -- right next
            to the "real" Shun Lee. Less asthetically pleasing
            visually, but gastronomically the food comes from the
            same kitchen and my experience has been that you can
            order almost anything from the main menu for a couple
            of dollars less per plate in the "cafe". Also, great
            carts of dim sum are constantly (some say annoyingly)
            rolled around and offered up.

            You also might want to consider Josephina. Again, in
            the lower price range, but a perfectly nice room with
            good American/Mediterranean food with an accent on
            healthier choices. Often overlooked, but it shouldn't

            1. re: Tom G.
              Frank Language

              Another option is the landmark Gray's Papaya, at 72nd
              and Broadway; you can get two franks with or without
              sauerkraut and with the drink of your choice (coconut
              "champagne" and the original papaya are two standouts).
              For $1.99, you can't beat it.

    2. j
      Jake Klisivitch

      Before you posted, you should have tried running
      a 'Lincoln Center' search -- there have been many,
      many postings on that topic. Also, try "West Side."

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      1. re: Jake Klisivitch

        Jake -

        I'm glad you brought up searching and thanks for the
        reminder - I don't always think to search but I must
        add that sometimes my searches don't work - like I'll
        do a search for picholine or frites and sometimes
        something will turn up but at other times the same
        exact search with the same exact word with the same
        exact spacing, starting at the same exact place,
        produces nothing - has anyone else had that problem?

      2. l
        larry kantrowitz

        do not eat at brasserie americaine, its terrible and the kitchen is really slow, we ate there twice and the so-called specials did not change and the manager or owner is really rude

        1. I had lunch last week at Picholine and it was
          excellent. I went there specifically because of their
          renowned cheese cart (which looked delicious - not
          the cart, but the cheeses on it), but ended up having
          the Chef's Tasting Menu, which I'd highly recommend.
          Chef Brennan came out several times and spoke to people
          at different tables. All in all, it was a very good
          meal, and I'd recommend going there to anyone.
          (Aaron Brown of ABC News and his dining companion sat
          right across from me, too.)

          1. One more to throw in to the mix: Pasha, a bright
            Turkish place on 71st St., with terrific mezze.

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              1. re: steve d.

                70 West 71st (betw. Columbus and CPW, closer to
                Columbus). If you go, be sure to try the kidney bean
                appetizer and the tarama.