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Jun 18, 1999 02:11 AM

Ansuya's Caribbean Cafe

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Anyone tries this new place on Amsterdam on 80th? If
so, what should I try there?

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  1. I stopped in for dinner a week ago. Its the only
    "island " place I've been to that can't even get the
    plaintain right. Forget it.

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    1. re: Jim T

      I liked the place, myself, but my experience is
      limited to a vegetable roti at lunchtime, fired up
      with some of the house-made hot sauce that sits in a
      jar on the table. It was cheap and good, and the
      vegetables were fresh. I thought it was reasonably
      pleasant spot, too. If you try it, let us know what
      you think...

      1. re: Chris E.

        They had a booth at the Amsterdam street fair about a
        month ago, and I had a piece of jerk chicken.
        Absolutely tasteless! I have no desire to go back.