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Jun 18, 1999 12:14 AM

Help Needed for the Financially Challenged Tourist

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I am a New Yorker who posts to several travel
newsgroups. I like to help travelers who want to
experience the best of New York. Many people travel
on a limited budget and I would like to refer them to
restaurants a cut above the fast food places where a
good meal can be had for less than $10. I know about
E. 6th Street for Indian, Kiev and Veselka, Chinese
for 3 course lunches, but I would very much appreciate
your suggestions for very inexpensive restaurants.
Who knows, I may even try them myself:) Oh yes, they
should be in Manhattan since it is asking more than
most tourists will do to travel to where WE really

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  1. Read thru the messages posted on this board. And go
    buy Jim's book.

    1. Rita, the last thing I want to do is to give you an unfriendly
      welcome. We love new faces, and encourage people to give and take on these boards with enthusiasm.

      But please consider this: there are over 2550 messages on this board alone, many of them discussing exactly what you're looking for. You are sitting on a 4 mile high stack of cushions and asking if someone can please fetch you a cushion.

      Please dig in and do some reading (it'll be time well-spent, especially in light of the fact that you currently boast of eating at E. 6th Street Indian, Kiev and Veselka...we'll have you doing better than that in no time!). If you come up short on exactly what you're looking for, by all means do post a query with the specific info you weren't able to find. Or ask for follow-ups if something isn't clear. But PLEASE don't burden our extremely generous resident hounds with a question they've previously answered hundreds and hundreds of bums them out!


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        Sorry. I think what I was looking were posters'
        preferences for restaurants under $10 in Manhattan. I
        have and will continue to read the boards. The
        examples I gave of East 6th and Vesleka were not my
        only excursions into inexpensive food. I consistently
        look for new places in Manhattan, Queens where I live
        and Brooklyn where I often visit. But I am always
        open to more. And often I like to have places I have
        not eaten but others have sampled to recommend to
        travelers since my tastes are not those of everyone.

        I do understand your objections to my post.

        1. re: Rita Joan


          "objection" is too strong a word. I'm sure you understand that I was also "speaking to the bleachers" in my reply to you!

          And I didn't mean to diss your chow choices. Was just trying to whet your appetite
          for reading up!

          Again, any new topics, any follow-ups on old topics, and--especially!--any reports intended to "give back" to all of
          us are always welcome. But if we get one more upper west side brunch query, I'm going to go back to cb radio...

          1. re: Jim Leff

            You will never receive an inquiry re: brunch in upper
            Westside (or anyplace else, for that matter) from me:)

        2. re: Jim Leff

          Push the book, Jim, push the book.

          1. re: AHR

            Well, you didn't, and someone's gotta...

            Run out and buy several copies of "The Eclectic
            Gourmet Guide to Greater New York City" (Menasha Ridge
            Press). You'll find just the sort of places you're
            looking for, many of them even in Manhattan.

            1. re: AHR

              thanks, AHR. I don't like to get too pushy re: the book (FWIW, it contains as many super-inexpensive choices as expensive ones; most are actually medium-priced...though most are great values for what they offer)

              oh, also, details are at the URL below