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Jun 17, 1999 01:38 PM

Follonico (West 24th St bet 5th & 6th)

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I've made reservations for a dinner meeting at
Follonico for my boss and assorted other
characters. I have the choice of attending or not.
Don't know anything about this place and would love to
hear from someone who's been there. If you recommend
the place, is there something special on the menu
I should be sure not to miss?

Thanks for the info.

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  1. Have been twice, food very good both times. One
    time as a couple, the other with a party of 6 -
    good service both times. We're fish/seafood lovers, so
    we stuck to those kinds of dishes. There was a grilled
    octopus appetizer with white beans as a special on one
    visit: if it's on the menu the night you go, I'd
    recommend it. The other fish dishes we tried were also
    very good - grilled tuna - may also have been a
    special - was a standout. The room is attractive,
    tables not jammed on top of each other, pleasant
    professional staff, good wine list. I will say that
    since I've never been to Italy (I know, I know! it's on
    the list) I can't vouch for authenticity, but we left
    happy both times.

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      Tried this restaurant pretty recently after Ruth Reichl
      mentioned that it was one of two Italian restaurants
      she will return to spend her own money at (other is Da
      Silvano). I loved it. To me it is so wonderful to eat
      great food with great service in a good setting. Nice
      for guests as well (I had 3). Only complaint--the
      smoking in the bar in front does waft back so get a
      table on the right side of the dining room if that
      irritates you (it does me).