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Jun 16, 1999 09:31 AM

brunch-The Grange or Aquagrill?

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which is a better brunch choice-
The Grange or Aquagrill? Haven't been to either.

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  1. The Grange is already too crowded on weekend mornings, the Bloody Marys are too fabulous, the food is too good, the prices are really too low and it sits just two blocks from my apartment. Plus, they have birch beer on tap. And they're really nice. (I saw an owner give an impromptu 50% ``neighborhood discount'' the other day to an older woman who had obviously been saving her nickels for a nice lunch.)

    So,'s the Aquagrill! Hands down! I implore you!

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      Thanks for the "advice"!!!

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        Can't find the answers to this, please repeat sor me.