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Jun 13, 1999 01:02 PM

Brasserie Americaine

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Has anyone tried Brasserie Americaine? I am looking
for somewhere new to try near Lincoln Center.

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    Robert Sietsema

    Food good, expensive, not very French.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      I actually thought that the food was pretty poor. Most
      of what our group ate there (this was a while ago) was
      unmemorable; however, I do recall a particularly poor
      example of Salade Nicoise. Not a big fan of canned
      tuna when paying restaurant prices.

      1. re: Bill Morein

        I agree. See my posting under 'American Brasserie'( I
        was so bent out of shape by my terrible experience that
        I screwed up the name). Perhaps it's improved, and I
        highly respect R. Sietsema's opinions, but I have to
        tell you that I am more than reluctant to revisit.

        1. re: Martha Gehan

          i had just had dinner there a freind wanted to try it and it sucked a flavorless escargot, a niscoise salad that was dry and a horrible blueberry galette and not only that the wine list was bad cheap bottles of wine( patiche cote de rhone for $7 a glass) it retails for 6.99 it was very un pleasent and i cant recommend it to anyone.....p.s. the service was uninformed and the kitchen was slow...dont need to spend $225.00 for 4 people here....veronica

          1. re: veronica

            agree.went 2 times never again,sucks

        2. re: Bill Morein

          The place may well bite, but an authentic salad nicoise must--must!--contain canned tuna. As much as you (and possibly I) may prefer the New American version of the salad made with seared number-one sushi-grade tuna, it is unfair to categorically dismiss a restaurant for preparing a dish correctly.

          1. re: j gold
            larry kantrowitz

            i have eaten there and not thought very much of it, the food is slow(not good for a lincoln center place) the service is okay and the manager some guy named gerard was very rude to us, i will not go back and if you want mediocre food and rudness by all means

            1. re: larry kantrowitz

              To Larry. I believe you have ill feelings because you
              got fired. I have eaten there and it is great food and
              a great atmosphere. Gerard is the owner and his
              managers deal with the everyday problems not him. Chef
              Pitita has a great reputation and she proved it.The
              service was very good and timed well. Who goes to eat
              at a nice expensive restaurant in a hurry? The lady at
              the door was lovely and extreemly professional. All in
              all a great place to go. P.S. a bit pricey but worth

              1. re: Kowalski

                I assume that you must have some kind of history with
                Larry since you said his ill feelings were because he
                got fired (from Americaine??)

                So what is YOUR connection with the place? Do you
                work there, or have worked there? Are you the PR
                person? Or a friend of the owner?

                Anyway, Larry is not the first person who panned
                Brasserie Americaine. It was Martha Gehan, a regular
                Chowhound poster, who posted back in Nov.9, 1998.
                Among the things she noted was a "louche looking
                character" who was checking out the women coming in,
                besides the bad food.

      2. Thanks all for the input. I bit the bullet and tried
        Brasserie Americaine. Expensive but very good food.
        We had soft shell crabs, salmon with lentils, good
        pommes frites. Turns out the chef is Pitita Lago, who
        was the chef at (the former) Joe's Bar and Grill (not
        to be confused with the also former Formerly Joe's) on
        West 10th Street in my neighborhood. She is very
        creative and trained at Gotham and some other big name

        I'm new to this website and find it a great source of
        information -- and amusement.