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Jun 12, 1999 09:19 PM

downtown breastfast restaurant

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I am looking for a good restaurant in the soho or
village area for a father's day brunch/breakfast. I
am looking for interesting pancakes, fruit, omeletes,
bloody marys - that type of thing. Anyone have any

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  1. Capsuoto Freres on Watts @ Washington is a very nice
    brunch spot. Call now for a res. if they have any room
    A more relaxed and moderately priced spot is The Broome
    Street Bar. on West Broadway. Great burgers, fries and
    omelettes. Good Bloodys too
    Regards, JK

    1. How about Anglers & Writers at Hudson and Leroy in the
      West Village? It's usually crowded on Sundays, decent
      food, home baked desserts, lots of teas. The
      atmosphere is homey and it feels more like you're in
      Maine than Manhattan.

      1. Go a little farther west to Kitchenette on West
        Broadway and Warren Street. Sunny country kitchen
        room with splendid breakfasts - eggs, pancakes, french
        toast, etc. Go as early as you can to minimize the
        wait - there will be one, but it's worth it. Note:
        they will push you to the back of the line if your
        entire party is not present and accounted for the
        whole time. A slightly fascist policy best avoided so
        you don't start your meal with a bad taste in your
        mouth, so to speak.

        1. I suggest Tartine's but go early - probably around
          10ish. It's a tiny place on a remote corner in the West
          Village, lots of leafy greens around and quiet streets.
          The apple pancake is superb and really the only
          worthwhile dish although some of the tarts are nice,
          too (I enjoyed the asparagus last time I was there).