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Jun 11, 1999 12:14 PM

waterloo brasserie?

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Has anyone been to Waterloo Brasserie in the West
Village? What's it like? We've walked by a few times,
and it looks nice and it's always crowded (I know
that's not a good factor to judge but...). Thanks in

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  1. Waterloo is a pleasant place to have dinner on a nice
    night(like last night for instance). While the moules
    frites won't blow you away they are more than
    acceptable-not as good as Balthazar's but you won't
    have to beg for a table or slug your way through the
    crowd at the bar like at B. Waterloo can get very
    crowded but if you go early (say 7:30)you shouldn't
    have to wait too long. I can't say that I've been
    impressed by menu items other than moules
    frites-they've been lackluster-but I love moules AND
    frites so much that I rarely venture beyond them. The
    prices are quite reasonable, portions are large and
    they have a yummy white burgundy by the glass. That'll
    set you back $10, however. Oh- for those who love beer
    there is an extensive list, but that's a subject on
    which I possess a thimbleful of knowledge.