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Jun 10, 1999 11:33 PM

Lunch @ 57th & First Avenue/Sutton Place

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Last minute plans bring me to this Upper East Side
area, for a mid-morning appointment. Any suggestions
for a nice place to have lunch? Thanks.

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    There are many good places to eat in that area. Of
    course, there are certain detials that may narrow the

    price, casual/formal, cusiine, etc. But here are a few

    March: on 58th between Sutton and First. Very
    expensive but worth it!

    Bouterin:59th between 1st and Sutton. Also very
    expensive but wonderful French.

    Felidia: 58th between 2nd and 3rd. Wonderful Italian.

    Match Uptown: 60th st between Mad and Park. Great
    food, less expensive and less formal than the rest and
    a pretty scene.

    Sofia Fabulous Grill: 61st bet Mad and Park. More
    casula. Wood burning oven pizza, delicious simple.

    I could go on but...


    1. if only march were open for lunch, my life would be
      complete. but since it's not, i'd go for felidia over
      the others. have a glass of homemade fruit grappa after
      something traditional, and you'll be happy. we had a
      fine prix fixe lunch there for my last birthday. and if
      you're a charcuterie fiend, there's always that french
      place down the street that gives a huge
      sausage/salami/bread board gratis, but it's not
      everybody's cup of tea (lunch by the pound?)

      1. A moderate place is Chianti - 55th and Second - it's on
        the southwest corner. There are outside tables. It's
        the former site of the Second Ave Brasserie was, then
        Zona del Chianti. I was there about a year ago for
        lunch - pleasant room, good food, if I remember
        correctly the menu was in the $9-17 range.