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Jun 8, 1999 11:46 PM

Q's about Barbetta

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I'm planning a day trip from upstate and have a few
inquiries about Barbetta on restauant row:

Whats the dress code?
Are reservations for lunch a must?
Could I get out of there for less than $40 a head?
and last but not least...
Is it worth the price!?!

Thanks a bunch for your help.

If you ever find yourself in Saratoga Springs (bout a
half hour north of Albany) stop in at the 43 Phila
Bistro. Just ate their (again) tonight...the best food
between Montreal and Manhattan...hands down.

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  1. k
    Kathryn Callaghan

    I had dinner recently at Barbetta. I wasn't
    paying much attention to what people were wearing,
    and, in fact, I wasn't paying - so I don't have a good
    idea about the prices. But I will say that the food
    was competent but uninspiring in the extreme. I had
    Chilean sea bass in I-forget-what sauce and a
    straightforward lemon tart for dessert. My neice
    ordered chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese.
    There was nothing wrong with anything we ate, but
    nothing memorable about it either. It seems like an
    acceptable place for pre-theatre dinner, especially
    because they respect time constraints. But if you're
    planning a special vacation lunch, I think you could
    do better for the money.
    I will say that the patio is really lovely. If
    you're determined to go and it's not meltingly hot
    out, reserve a table outside.

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    1. re: Kathryn Callaghan

      got taken to Barbetta for a business dinner when I
      first started working in NY in 77 - it was totally
      pedestrian. Have never seen a reason to go back, and
      have always wondered why it got so much play!