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Jun 8, 1999 06:31 PM


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Has any one tried this very new restaurant,Beacon? My
son attended a preview party there a few weeks ago.
He said that the tastings he sampled were quite good.
Any feed back would be appreciated

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    1. re: CHEF

      Friends ate there last week and raved about
      everything, especially the food. Am going there on
      Friday, will put in my 10 cents next week.

      1. re: Gini

        Went last night, and agree with my friend - it is a
        lovely restaurant. The decor is light and airy -
        check out the bathrooms! Food excellent - I had the
        roasted oysters as an app - wow, my main course was
        the veal shank - beautifully presented with a "spoon"
        for the marrow - the meat was just a little bit chewy
        for me, but the flavor was good. Friend had the rack
        of lamb - I tasted it, and wished I had had it
        insted! Only looked at the desserts, bit
        disappointing in selection. Service very attentive,
        maybe a little over the top, but that could be because
        we are friends of the chef. Place pretty empty, but
        it's early days yet. I wish Waldy lots of luck.

        1. re: Gini

          Well, I finally made it to Beacon for my birthday,
          sorry folks, perhaps I am jaded, I thought it was only
          average. The breads are awesome, really the best and
          memorable. The service was very professional and
          definitely trying very hard. The room has a very high
          noise level and the center room is part of the bar, if

          you don't like smoke do not sit in that room.
          My husband had the grilled seafood starter and that
          was very good, his main cours of the roast suckling
          pig was very disappointing and dry. My appetizer of
          oysters on the half shell was fresh and plump, the
          grilled veal chop, my entree choice, was really very
          average. The side dish of veggies were cold.
          Since it was my birthday, my husband told the staff
          when he made the reservation, he told the staff when
          we were seated. Not that I want a big fanfare, but it
          would have been a nice touch if they made some
          attempt with a candel on a cookie.

          My review, very average, for my taste, I enjoyed The
          Tonic much more.

    2. j
      jonathan sibley

      Ate at Beacon last night. Argentinian rib-eye steack and venison chops were delicious. Perfectly charred on the outside and cooked exactly as ordered. The grilled sausages were also quite good (we obviously weren't dieting). The wood-roasted oysters were quite good, but the sauce masked much of the oyster flavor (which some might argue is a good thing), although it was complementary in flavor. The wine list isn't huge, but has some nice wines. We had a Limerick Lane Zinfandel that was quite good.