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Jun 4, 1999 06:13 PM


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Has anyone been to this Basque place on Greenwich yet?

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  1. Which Basque place?
    I have tickets to Bilbao next month -- never been to Spain before.

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    1. re: John Speer

      Pinxtos is a small basque restauarant on Greenwich
      near Spring in far west soho. both Eric Asimov and
      Irene Sax were favorably impressed. The only other
      local Basque place I know about is Mariachu near the
      UN on 46th. Never been, but I believe that it is
      considerably more expensive.

      1. re: Alan Divack
        Robert Sietsema

        I was there when it first opened about a year ago, and I liked some of the dishes, although I thought the proprietors were a little clueless as restauranteurs. It was also a little on the expensive side, given that main course arrived unadorned, and there didn't even seem to be appropriate side dishes to go with them. I liked several of the appetizers very much, though, including home-pickled sardines strewn with crushed garlic and parsley and the mussels stuffed with cheese, suggesting it might be a better place to go for a late night snack and glass of wine, maybe after hitting the tapas bar around the corner.

        It may be different now, however, since I haven't revisted in a while.

        1. re: Robert Sietsema
          Dave Feldman

          How do you stuff a mussel? They puncture the skin of
          the meat and stuff cheese inside? If that's what they
          do (and not just put cheese inside the shell), how do
          they sew it up?

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            "How do you stuff a mussel? "

            At Pintxos, the stuffed mussel is really a steamed
            mussel on the half shell, coated with bechamel and
            crumbs and fried -- uite good, though not my favorite
            of their tapas. Their is a middle eastern stuffed
            mussel where it is really stuffed, with rice, currants
            and pine nuts. I am not sure how they do it -- i
            think they steam them open, and then reform them with
            the stuffing.

          2. re: Robert Sietsema

            Four of us went on Saturday and had a very nice meal.
            The best part were the appetizers -- our favorties were
            peppers stuffed with a bacalao puree which tasted sort
            of like a very mildly fishy ricotta, fried potattoes in
            a spicy tomato sauce, and those wonderful anchovies.
            The best main was the lamb chops -- 6 grilled rib
            chops, with waffle chips and garlic mayonnaise. Good
            too were the hake in green sauce which was extremely
            garlicy and a bit sloppy looking, and the squid in ink.
            With a bottle of wine , tax and tip it came to $110.
            The place is very pleasant, and not exteremly crowded,
            but our main complaint was that we felt a bit rushed.

          3. re: Alan Divack

            Marichu is great. Been there many times and never had
            a bad meal.