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Jun 3, 1999 02:22 PM

Lespinasse vs. Daniel?

  • k

I'm seizing the opportunity offered during restaurant week to try these expensive places and I made two reservations for the same day. I'm going to cancel one, but I can't decide which to give up. Any suggestions?

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  1. Get the menus and see who's being more generous.
    You can't deduce the quality of the $19.99 specials
    from the quality of a restaurant overall, so the
    descriptions of the dishes are your best guide.

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    1. re: PastryChef

      Also - it might be nice if you could arrange to give
      someone the other reservation, instead of cancelling

      A fellow food enthusiast perhaps.

      Perhaps, even a Chowhound.

      1. re: JMinNYC

        Sorry, but one of my favorite fellow chowhounds, my father, has already requested to take the other reservation. But should he decide to cancel, I'll let you know!

        1. re: Kate

          Lespinasse is doing terrific. The Parmentier of Beef is
          awesome, they have a vegtable ragout that was so good I
          went to Balducchis the next night and tried to imitate
          it. Its empty at lunch, and although the menu selection
          is dissapointingly smaller, its still good for a few


      2. re: PastryChef

        I definitely agree with this comment. The 19.99
        special may bear no resemblance to the restaurant's
        regular menu.

        Daniel is one of my favorite restaurants. Its really
        fabulous. Lespinasse was fabulous when Gray Kunz was
        there. I haven't been there since he left. Anyone
        have an opinion on Lespinasse these days?