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May 29, 1999 04:42 PM

Cask-conditioned ale

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Does anyone know where you can get a genuine
cask-conditioned ale like they have in England anywhere
in Manhattan?

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  1. Several places. For starters try Blind Tiger, Hudson at
    W 10th or d.b.a. on 1st. ave near 2nd. Try any domestic
    cask micro over anything actually imported from the UK
    - some of the UK stuff is not actually real ale but
    "keg" beer being dispensed by hand pump. Besides, I'm
    not sure real ale travels well. Several other places
    for real ale, e.g. Sparky's on Court St. in B'klyn.

    NYC is lagging behind some other areas in real ale
    appreciation (e.g. Philadelphia).

    Joe Moryl

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      Jake Klisivitch

      The Commonwealth Brewery on Rockefeller Place between
      5th and 6th has a great cask conditioned bitter drawn
      with a beer engine.

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        Josh Mittleman

        Good suggestions. For more general information,
        check out the NYC Beer Guide.