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May 26, 1999 04:32 PM

I Need a Drink!

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I am not much of a bar aficianado, so I need some
advice. I will be meeting an old friend for a
drinkafter work in a couple of weeks and would like a
place that is:

- Stylish but...
- Not noisy
- Not romantic
- Not insanely expensive (no $10 drinks, please)
- Preferred areas: Flatiron, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen,
Murray Hill, Noho.

One place that comes to mind is 27 Standard, but I'd
like other suggestions. / Thanks!

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  1. Try Tom & Jerry's, on Elizabeth St. just north of
    Houston. It fits all your criteria to varying degrees:

    -- a bit stylish
    -- a bit of noise but not too much; you can
    talk to each other no problem
    -- not romantic
    -- inexpensive

    1. temple bar lafayette/just north of houston the real deal

      1. I second Temple Bar. Also, try Tenth Street Lounge (I
        think that's the name) between 1st and 2nd, south side
        of the street. If you are willing to go to SoHo try
        Merc Bar on Mercer.

        1. m
          Michele Fuchs

          I was taken last night to a very cool bar/restaurant,
          or should I say restaurant with a cool bar. L-Ray on
          West 10th st (64 West 10th).

          One of the best margaritas I have ever had. You can
          order great apps at the bar. Apparently, the chefs mom
          is Zarela Martinez. It is a mix of Louisiana, Cuban
          and Tex-Mex. Nice crowd, good prices, hip place.
          Haven't had dinner there but I definitely will.