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May 26, 1999 02:07 PM

March or Lespinasse?

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Obviously, I know both are superior restaurants, or at
least, lauded...But I'd like to hear a fellow
Chowhound feedback

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  1. Yes, they both are superior restaurants. I would lean
    towards going to March. I think Wayne Nish is such a
    talented chef. Just go for it, and do the tasting
    menu. Make sure to ask Joe Scalice to help you choose
    the wines.

    1. Two completely different restaurants. Wayne Nish (the
      chef at March) is heavily influenced by the flavors of
      Asia. Meals are a succession of small, focused
      courses. The tasting with accompanying glass wines is
      fun. Christian Delouvrier (the chef at Lespinasse) is
      a very serious French chef. Other than a little curry
      in the scallops, you'll find no fusion at Lespinasse.
      Both are excellent, but March just isn't even in the
      same league as Lespinasse in terms of service
      (probably the weakest link at March), the room (March
      is a renovated townhouse; Lespinasse is one of the
      grandest hotel dining rooms in America), the wine list
      (Lespinasse has something like 1,200 selections and
      25,000 bottles), the pastry kitchen (Chris Broberg was
      just named one of America's ten best pastry chefs by
      the leading industry magazine), et cetera. Then again,
      March isn't in the same pricing league as Lespinasse