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May 26, 1999 11:43 AM

Mercer Ktchen or Bond street?

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I'm going out on Saturday night with my girlfriend and
landed a 10 pm at Mercer Kitchen and 10:30 at Bond St.
Which should I go with?

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    Two TOTALLY different places. Both great for seeign
    and being seen/scene!

    Bond St. is great if you don't get stuck with a table
    in the back room. The food is terrific, great
    variations of sushi rolls, excellent sake list,
    delicious edamame. The only drawback for me is that
    they took the monkfish appetizer off the menu. It was
    unbelievable, we always ordered 2, after the first
    time we had to put an additional order in.

    Mercer Kitchen is very different, food wise as well as
    look wise. It is more about the scene than about the
    food, I think it still is. I haven't been in a LONG
    time. But the food is very good, the space is very
    different from Bond St. But since it is Jean-Georges's
    place, it CANNOT be anything but great.

    You will be happy whichever you choose.