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May 25, 1999 02:54 PM

City Hall

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Has any one tried City Hall or Canaletto?
I would appreciate any feed back on these restaurants.

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  1. Got to tell you, I was really disappointed. Went
    early on a Saturday evening for a friend's B-day, and
    while the space is indeed interesting, the food was

    The first sirloin, ordered black & blue, was sent back
    after arriving brown & browner. OK, every kitchen
    misses sometimes - the second try arrived perfectly
    cooked, but for a restaurant that claims to dry age
    its beef, its flavor was flat and insipid, with none
    of that mineral-sweet, slightly funky flavor I'v come
    to expect in real dry aged beef. Oily smashed spuds,
    and gratingly oversalted beet greens did nothing to
    redeem the repast. A companion's meagerly portioned
    swordfish steak was served overdone.

    Personally, there are sooo many other places worth
    dropping the cash on that I just can't see stopping in
    on this place again.

    Gustaf the bartender (Downstairs) makes a hell of a
    Manhattan though - so maybe have a drink and enjoy
    looking up at the underbelly of Duane Street's