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May 25, 1999 01:37 PM

Gennaro's on Amsterdam

  • j

Has anybody else eaten at Gennaros? It's on Amsterdam
Avenue between 92nd and 93rd.

I ate there by myself three months ago, and I'm
debating if I want to try coming back with my
boyfriend. You see...he's very big, and the place is
very small. 25 seats, to be exact.

When I last ate there, there were no reservations
accepted. I persevered (and froze) on the bench
outside--because there's no foyer or wait space to
speak of. Mind you, it was maybe 9PM on a Monday

I'm not in the habit of waiting slavishly in line just
because a place is trendy, but I really had nothing
else to do. The restaurant was filled with a
few families and couples from Columbia, but the wait
staff appeared to be very brisk and efficient. They're
also rather lithe, a necessary trait since they have to
maneuver through the tight space!

When I was finally seated, I had a nice glass of their
Chardonnay, and the potato, beet and goat cheese tart.
Just the right amount for an appetizer. The beets
absolutely melted on the tongue, and added an edge of
carmelized sweetness to the rich cheese and paper thin

As an entree, I had some sort of veal chop thing that
was toothsome and rich, with wonderful greens.

So--a good food experience, maybe great, when you
consider the barren strip of Amsterdam I was on (I
know-Gabriela's, Cafe con Leche, but no good Italian).

Do you fellow c'hounds think I should try a return
engangement? Has anyone visited recently? Has their
menu changed to reflect the change in seasons? Do

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  1. we eat there every so often- food/specials are always good- get there 6-6:30 to avoid waiting

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Is Gennaro's open for lunch?

      1. re: Dave Feldman
        Jessica Nepomuceno

        No, I think Gennaro's is only open from 5:30 on. You'd
        think they would do lunch, considering there's such a

        1. re: Jessica Nepomuceno

          We eat there frequently, and usually have no wait as we
          go around 9:30 or 10. The food's consistently at least
          very good, often terrific. Go!

          My guess as to why they're not open for lunch: the
          chef owner probably wants a life. I think it's just
          him and three others in the kitchen. He's there six
          nights we've been told.

    2. j
      Jake Klisivitch

      My first dining experience there was a bit of a
      disaster -- the long cold wait, of course, and the
      food seemed mediocre. I had orecchiette with broccoli
      and provolone (which Asimov loved in his review) --
      which had been allowed to sit for too long and came to
      my table in a cooled-down, semi-glop stage.

      And the complete lack of elbow room! I was getting

      So I did what any other misanthropic claustrophobe
      would do -- I started ordering out from there (they
      deliver!) and so far have no complaints. Their Cornish
      hen roasted with lemon is wonderful and a veal chop
      Milanese special was excellent.