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May 24, 1999 11:26 AM

Help! Emergency restaurant needed!

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My grandmother is in town from California- and I need a
restaurant for tonight! Here is the list of
1. It must be Italian.
2. There must be a full bar.
3. It must be near her hotel in midtown so she doesn't
have to travel too far.
4. It should be fancy but cosy.

She really loves Felidia, but I read a lot of gripes
about it on this message board. Are they really having

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  1. go to cinque terre, 38th and madison. or remi, 53rd-6th and 7th, osteria de chirco 55th 6-7th ave.

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      Michele Fuchs

      I agree with Cinque Terre and Remi but for some
      reason, never had a totally great meal at Osteria De
      Circo. Other ideas:

      Villa Berulia on 34th bet Park and Lex or Bruno on
      58th bet 1st and 2nd.


      1. re: Michele Fuchs

        I think I may go with Osteria de Circo even though it
        doesn't get big raves for the food. My grandmother
        will appreciate the atmosphere and service- she's not a
        big eater. I am, though- does anyone have suggestions
        about ordering there?

        1. re: Neumeier

          Oh, go with Felidia. It seems to match every one

          of your listed criteria, and the food is usually

          quite good. Plus, you get a crack at the Barolos

          on the wine list, which are really spectacular.

          Stick to hearty, gamy sorts of things (and avoid

          pastas) and you'll have a splendid meal.

          Osteria de Circo is superior to Felidia in almost

          no ways.

          1. re: j gold
            Michele Fuchs

            I agree, if it were a choice between Osteria and
            Felidia, I would most definitely go for Felidia. Plus
            Felidia is warm and rustic with flowers and wood, etc.

            Osteria is open and not very cozy.

            The food is good, very interesting but I never was a
            big fan of the room.

            1. re: Michele Fuchs

              Thanks for the advice! I did go with Felidia, and it
              was delicious. I had grilled octopus salad, and braised
              veal cheeks, and some delicious Barolo. My grandmother
              had buffalo mozzerella and osso buco. I don't know why
              I doubted them, I've never had anything but great meals

    2. We'd suggest Trattoria Dell'Arte on 7th Ave between
      55th/56th Streets. Moderately-priced, fun atmosphere,
      and the food (Northern Italian cuisine) is quite good.

      Orso, a less pricey but very good standby is on West
      46th. More touristy and southern cuisine, but a good
      second choice. Wildly popular pre-theatre, so book

      Seth Ruffer


      1. San Dominico is just around the corner from the Plaza
        Hotel. I've never seen it mentioned on these boards
        but it's a venerable Italian spot, expensive, but very
        reliably good. As an aspiring grandmother, I love being
        taken there! BUT, I wouldn't describe it as cozy. I
        think I'd describe it as sumptuous. pat