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May 23, 1999 10:18 PM

Le Madelaine

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Le Madelaine is one of the old fixtures of the theater
district (43rd St. near 9th). I hadn't been there is
years, but I'll be going back soon: They got a new chef
a couple year's back, and he's hot. Six of us had
dinner there last night, and ordered four different
appetizers, five different entrees, and three desserts.
Everything was _very_ good. A few highlights:

* Mussels in a broth of tomato, herbs, and chorizo.

* Skate wing in a brown butter sauce with carmelized
onions, Yukon Gold potatoes, and some sort of cabbage.

* Chocolate-caramel mousse

Each entree was not only good, they were all strikingly
different: Different styles, different seasonings,
different side dishes. Each one was beautifully
orchestrated. The sauce for the skate, for example,
would have been just shy of perfect if it hadn't had a
small scattering of capers to cut the richness of the

The wine list is excellent, including some nice dessert
wines. It was expensive, but what do you expect in the
theater district on a Saturday night?

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  1. This is one of my theatre district favorites. I have been here on many occasions & never been disappointed.

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    1. re: AmyD

      Thanks for the recommendations. My husband and I are
      going to Mystery of Irma Vep on Wednesday for our
      anniversary. When I bought the tickets the man at the
      box office recommended Le Madelaine, which is next
      door, about four times. With the encomiums from
      chowhounds I think I should make reservations. I'll
      remember the mussels and the skate. Any other

      1. re: Lobelia

        Just don't eat too heavily if you go before the show; it's painful to laugh that hard on a full stomach. Irma Vep is very, very funny...and pretty amazing. You'll love it.