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May 23, 1999 08:32 PM

HELP:best Indian? breakfast/brunch on Upper East Side?

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Hope that the chowhound readers can direct me to one of
the better Indian restaurants in town. We're staying
at a midtown location, but are willing to trek anywhere
for a Saturday dinner if you feel that the food
warrants it. Would also like suggestions for a Sunday
breakfast/brunch on the Upper East Side. We'll be
heading to the Jewish Museum, so anything en route
would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for your

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  1. Tammy--
    There are already tons and tons of Indian and brunch tips on these boards...either browse through the index of this Manhattan board or else use the search feature.

    If you don't come up with what you're looking for, please post again, with more specific info on your needs

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      i agree with jim as far as indian goes. as for brunch
      on the upper east side, of the places i've been,i think
      your best bet is sarabeth's on madison b/w 92 and 93 or
      yura & co, which is on 92 and 3rd ave., and also a new
      one which i haven't been to on 92 and madison. some
      people like the vinegar factory but i think the place
      is overrated and pricey. good luck.

      1. re: wonki

        Thanks for directing me to the site index; I found a
        number of Indian options (Mavalli Palace? Dawat? Surya?
        Pondicherry? Vatan? It's paralyzing.). As for
        breakfast, I've heard a lot about Sarabeth's and the
        Vinegar Factory--but little about Yura and Co. Can you
        say more? Thanks again.

        1. re: Tammy Birk
          Robert Sietsema

          I thought Sarabeth's was good but not great (scones are top-notch, for example, but waffles and pancakes are uninspiring). I vastly prefer Le Pain Quotidien, 1131 Madison Avenue, 327-4900, a Belgian bakery/brunchery with a pleasant atmosphere (dig the communal table in the front) and killer sandwiches and muffins.

          1. re: Robert Sietsema

            can't say too much about yura as it's been a couple
            months since i've been there, but i will say that what
            i had there was very good and everything's fresh (they
            bake on the premises) and it's always packed (which is
            why i haven't eaten there in a couple months).

            one thing about le pain quotidien, you should know that
            what they serve there is not your "typical" brunch
            fare. basically i think it's a lot of sandwiches,
            individual pastries and stuff like cheese plates, very
            european. don't expect the lumberjack breakfast with
            pancakes, eggs, bacon etc. (although i think they do
            have soft boiled eggs). it'd be a good idea to check
            out the menu before you sit down so you know what's up.
            what they have there is good though, you just have to
            be in the mood for it.

    2. I didn't see this Indian mentioned when I searched, so
      I'll add it here:

      Salaam Bombay, downtown near the World Trade Center. I
      don't have the exact address handy.

      It's the best Indian I've eaten (although it's not my
      specialty). Buffet lunch 5 days, otherwise it's kinda

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      1. re: Peter Flom

        "I didn't see this Indian mentioned when I searched, so
        I'll add it here:"

        Hey, peter, thanks for posting. Just to set one thing straight: we discourage people from asking overly broad QUESTIONS that have been endlessly discussed elsewhere ("where's a good place to eat in the village?", et al), but everyone's ALWAYS welcome to chime in with an opinion or recommendation of a given restaurant, even if it's had lots of discussion. We love it when people (epecially new faces like yourself) offer their opinions!

        so I'm glad you've posted about Salaam bombay (which I hear is a more-than-decent lunch buffet, if not a particularly serious restaurant), but you needn't have searched first...every posting doesn't have to be unique!