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May 23, 1999 04:04 PM

Any Jazz clubs in Union Square area?

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We're having dinner at Union Square Cafe on a Friday
in June. Any recommendations for after dinner

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    Michele Fuchs

    Blue Water Grill on 16th and Union Square West. I
    LOVE the food but since you are already eating at USC,
    one of my absolute favorites, I recommend that you try
    Blue Water after dinner. They have a jazz club on the
    lower level. You can have drinks and listen to live
    jazz. Great crowd, you can even have dessert if you

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    1. re: Michele Fuchs
      Susan Thomsen

      You could also try Knickerbocker, which isn't too far
      away at University and 9th St. (228-8490) Call ahead
      and reserve; depending on who's playing, it can get
      crowded. I think the music starts after 9:30 or so,
      but you should double-check. Nice piano-bass jazz
      combos here.


    2. Slightly out of the nabe, but The Jazz Standard at 116 E27 between
      park and lex is a major league club, and they book dependably good bands.

      be sure and reserve, though.