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May 23, 1999 01:50 AM

My office is moving to 35th & 9th Ave...

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Help! I don't know a thing over there. Passed a
likely looking soul food house, heard about some good
tapas, and know I'm not too far from little Brazil.

We're moving from Soho, and I'm going to miss
Aquagrill, Barolo, Nancy Whiskey Pub, Match, the Merc
Bar, The Gourmet Garage, and Ken's Broome Street Bar.

Can anyone clue me in to the new area?

I'd really appreciate your help.



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  1. On 8th @ 29th is Biricchino. A great restaurant which
    is part of a salumeria on the corner.
    Great selection of homemade Italian specialties and
    probably the best sausage in Manhattan.
    Chimichurri Grill is also worth a visit. 9th Ave around
    43rd Street.
    Regards, JK

    1. m
      Michele Fuchs

      The Central Fish Market is right there. You have to
      check it out, unfortunately it is just a take-out
      store but they have a wonderful selection of whole and
      filleted fish, soft-shell crab and the prices are
      unbelievably affordable! Also, the Italian and the
      meat food stores are wonderful in the area.

      As for dining, Keens on 36th and 6th, a few blocks
      away but great food, great bar.

      You may need to go uptown a bit or downtown a bit to
      find what you are looking for.

      1. Soul Fixins -the Soul spot you mention. Haven't tried
        it myself yet, but have heard good things.
        Market Cafe on 9th bet 37th & 38th - Good salads &
        burgers. Skip desserts - big & mostly mediocre.
        A fab Somalian restaurant called Chez Gagna Koty (or
        Doty - I forget!) on 9th bet 39th & 40th - east side
        of 9th. Outstanding food and owner/cook couldn't be
        Great authentic Mexican on the NW corner of 39th & 9th
        called Los dos Rancheros. A little funky but very,
        very good
        Mundo Hispano for lunch only on east side of 9th bet
        39th & 40th. Neat & clean lunch counter run by two
        wonderful women.
        Good diner grub at Tick Tock on the NW corner of 8th
        and 34th (great flapjacks but bring your own maple
        A little farther uptown and upscale on 43rd and 9th -
        Le Madeleine - good food, pretty room, charming
        Frico Bar across the street. Good Italian but
        overpriced/pricy - nice winelist.
        Christine's Country Kitchen - hokey but cute with an
        outdoor porch with waterwheel that is actually
        pleasant in summer despite being on 10th ave (Bet 37th
        & 38th)good breakfasty things - eggs, bacon etc. (Did
        a grilled coffee cake last year that was pretty
        A down & dirty Pakistani place on east side of 9th bet
        36 & 37. Order carefully (what looks good that day)
        and you'll have a decent meal.
        There's an Italian next to the Fedex office on 9th
        between 34th & 35th. I've never eaten there but it
        smells really good going by!
        Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!

        1. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips,
          looking to forward to trying them all.
          I'm also hoping to uncover a few gems on my own,
          and promise to pass them along as I do.

          1. the little soul food place on 34th at 9th Avenue is nice....I've only eaten there once but the veggie platter was good and the real food looked great cafe mentioned by someone else is good and farther uptown is an interesting looking argentine restaurant (emphasis on steak) at 43rd and 9th called chimchurri