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May 22, 1999 12:23 PM

5-year Anniversary which venue?

  • j

I would appreciate opinions regarding several options-
all quite different- we have for our fifth anniversary
dinner: Firebird, Café Boulud, La Grenouille, or
Gramercy Tavern. We've been to Gramercy, and like the
quality of service, which is important in addition to a
great meal (I'm not interested in arrogance which is
why I avoided the Babbo hype). I'm familiar with the
others but haven't been, and would like it to be a
special experience (and it does not necessarily have to
be a super-romantic place like La Grenouille, but not
super loud). Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I suggest La Reserve - ate there last nite and it was
    fabulous. Great food, professional service and a brand
    new decor. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    1. Cafe Boulud is excellent. Many Daniel Boulud fans feel
      that the cuisine here is as good as at Daniel. The room
      is somwhat subdued, but service is very good and the
      wine list is moderately priced. I've been here many
      times and have never had a bad meal.