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May 21, 1999 10:03 PM

Red Cat

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Does anyone know anything about the Red Cat
Restaurant, which is in the West 20s, other than the
recent New York Press Review? This made it sound very
appealing, but I haven't calibrated the author.

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  1. r
    Robert Sietsema

    I ate there last night, three weeks to the day after it opened, which means the Press reviewer must have gone during the first week, or maybe to a press preview or two--which is rather unlike them, to be so over-prompt.

    Nevertheless, the four-person meal I enjoyed last night was super--duck confit salad, with a particularly flavorful and moist drumstick/thigh, surprisingly excellent deep fried shrimp, with a coating that looked like Shake-and-Bake, but was far better. Mustard coated trout was probably the best tasting entree, the worst was an expensive lobster salad with too little lobster and greens no better than the usual mesculun salad. Place is slightly cheaper than you'd expect, but maybe they'll raise the prices. Was mobbed, but then it was a Friday night.