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May 18, 1999 07:33 PM

Four Seasons

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Anyone been there lately? If so, any comments? Might be
going in a few weeks. Would like to know what to
expect, since it's been a few years since I've been

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  1. s
    Sara Neumeier

    I went there a few weeks ago. Our waiter was very nice
    and the dining room was beautiful, but I had some
    serious gripes.

    I'm fine with paying 14 dollars for a martini- but it
    was the smallest martini I ever had, and, much more
    shockingly, it was WARM. The waiter made us a
    tableside caesar salad which was very sweet of him and
    he did a great job, but none of the other food was
    exceptional, and the desserts were fussy and not really
    worth it. The people in front of us did have a
    delicious looking steak.

    My advice would be to save yourself some money and go
    do the tasting menu at Jean Georges. Seriously.