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May 11, 1999 09:41 AM

Before Theater Lunch

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I'll be in New York the end of May with my sisters and
my mother. We do this every year and are looking for a
special place for lunch. Suggestions?

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  1. Jean-Louis Palladin, the famous Washington, DC based
    chef, has just opened a place in the new Time Hotel on
    W 49 St. It's already au courant and, even if it
    turns out to still be in the shakedown cruise stage,
    we undoubtedly be the special sort of place you're
    looking for.

    1. Ruth Reichl, late of the New York Times, said that
      Becco was "one of the best deals in the theatre
      district". It's Northern Italian food. I plan on going
      there next month myself pre-theatre. It's located at
      355 W 46th St. (b/w 8th & 9th Aves).

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      1. re: Adlai

        Becco can be dissapointing, though, because they are
        not very consistent. I think you have to order the
        right thing, and stay away from the prix fixe.

        Down the street is Firebird, if you like Russian food,
        and want to enjoy a midday glass of champagne. It's a
        little pricy, but good, and lots of fun.

        A reliable source says Orso is good.

        1. re: Neumeier

          Thanks for the suggestions. Also, my mom suggested a
          place called Zoe in Soho. Any one heard of it?

          1. re: gail

            Zoe is consistently good, but I've never found it to be
            fabulous. There are better choices if you are going to
            broaden your area (i.e., the front ("tavern") portion
            of Gramercy Tavern, Union Pacific, Po, Babbo, Quilty's
            (also in SoHo), I could go on).

            I would second Firebird in the Theater District. I've
            only been once but was extraordinarily pleased. Also,
            Chimichurri Grill on 9th Avenue around 43rd is
            excellent for Argentinian meats, fish and pasta (yes,
            pasta, who knew?)

            Let's see, Molyvos, near Carnegie Hall is excellent as

            Hope this helps.

            1. re: Shemmy

              Thanks for all the great suggestions -- I'm hoping to
              try one of them.