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May 6, 1999 10:44 AM

Breakfast spots on Prince St.

  • j

I work in Soho and occasionally eat breakfast out. Here
are a few of the places I've been to, and my

Buffa's, Prince St. and Lafayette
This is a nice coffee shop, a good place for fried eggs
and home fries. Plus you can buy the newspaper at the

Cafe Gitane, Mott St. between Prince and Houston
Excellent coffee, good granola, plus if you sit in the
window there you look hip.

Market, Elizabeth St. between Prince and Spring
Just went there for the first time. It seemed a lot
like Gitane except less attitude. (Both Gitane and
Market also have a full lunch/dinner menu, even
though they both seem initially like bakery/cafes.) The
cook here is a really nice guy.

Cafe Habana, Prince St. and Bowery(? -- maybe it's a
block west of Bowery)
Have not been there yet, though I've been meaning to
for a while. I used to eat lunch there sometimes, when
it was a sort of mediocre coffee shop called Bella's.

Jerry's, Prince St. and Greene
Too expensive.

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  1. b
    barry strugatz

    Jeremy: Where do you like to eat lunch in the area?

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    1. re: barry strugatz


      Lately I've been heading either downtown for Chinese
      and Malaysian, or east for Mexican and Dominican, at
      lunchtime. When I eat lunch around here, I like
      Fanelli's (though I fear for my waistline if I eat
      their burger too often); I like Melampo's sandwiches,
      though I have not gotten one in a long time. Also there
      is a nice place for middle eastern sandwiches on Spring
      St., I think it is called La Petit Cafe or something.
      Generally I don't love the restaurants right around
      here; and also I like to go for a walk. Sorry I can't
      be of more help.

      1. re: Jeremy
        Barry Strugatz

        Actually I was interested in learning about the
        restaurants east of Lafayette, around Spring.

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          Well let me see what I can think of...

          On Lafayette and Spring is an only OK takeout rice and
          beans shop, very cheap. Pomodoro Pizza is good (and the
          meatball heros are good), it's on Spring and Mulberry
          or Mott. Rocky's is actually the place to go for heros
          now that I think of it; it's across the street from
          Pomodoro and they have some really oddball heros like
          potato and egg. (Maybe that isn't oddball; but I have
          never seen it anywhere else. It tastes nice.)

          Ceci cela (Spring just east of Mulberry) is a wonderful
          bakery and cafe; I think they have a lunch menu but I'm
          not completely sure. Also great cookies and cheesecake
          for after lunch, at Eileen's Cheesecake on Cleveland
          Place and Kenmare.

          Pretty good Indonesian food (though not as good as
          further downtown) at a restaurant I forget the name of,
          on Lafayette between Spring and Broome.

          That's all I can think of right now. There are a lot of
          food businesses between Lafayette and about Elizabeth;
          then it dries up until you get east of Chrystie.