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May 4, 1999 05:35 PM

Does BYO exist anymore?

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Are there any BYO restaurants in Manhattan that you
would actually want to bring your own wine to?

In other words, leaving aside quick neighborhoody
places (the Indian places in the East Village jump to
mind--of course there you need beer), are there good
restaurants in Manhattan that don't have a liquor
license and allow you to bring your own?

I know that there are new places that are awaiting
their licenses (like Lavagna) and I know about Tartine,
but I don't know of any places midtown or uptown at

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. It isn't in midtown or uptown, but Frank is really good homey Italian food at decent prices and it's BYOB. It's on 5th street and 2nd avenue. The lines can be pretty long, but they'll give you a beeper and you can go have a drink across the street while you wait.

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      stephen kaye

      many many places allow byo. if you call ahead, they will notify you of the corking fee $5-$10 per bottle. call ahead.