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May 4, 1999 12:30 PM

Mappamondo I, II closed . What happened?

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The other day I was walking around the west village and
noticed what happened to the Mappamondo restaurants. Closed and for rent.. What happened? Does anyone know?

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    Robert Sietsema

    Don't forget there was another Mappamondo as well, on MacDougal. It went bellyup a while ago.

    The problem was that low-priced Tuscan style Italian has become commonplace in the Village, with new better places opening up in the same nabe. Within a couple of blocks of Mappamundo is Da Andrea, pretty damn good, and the superlative Pepe Verde, both priced on par with the Mapps and both better. There's also an expanded Tante Baci, plus Grano, plus Sapore on Greenwich Ave, all providing similar sauced-on-the-spot pastas, bruchettas, and elementally spiced meat and fish courses. Mappamondo came to seem hopelessly old hat. Too bad. They also suffered somewhat from early hype on the part of New York magazine, and never really outgrew it. In addition, these are storefronts owned by Robert Gottlieb, who owns about 100 buildings in the Village (you can identify the restaurant spaces he owns by the sign that says "Fully Equiped" [sic]). Maybe he just decided to raise the rent.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      I must say Robert you made me laugh!! I'm sitting here
      eating lunch which was leftovers from Da Andrea! I also think that the food and service was great..
      As for Tante Baci, well thats my girlfriend's favorite!
      Thanks for the update..

      1. re: Billy
        Jessica Nepomuceno

        Other restaurants owned by the same people who owned
        the Mappamondos are In Padella (2nd Ave. at 9th
        St.--okay, serviceable) and Orologio (which is I think
        on Ave. A around 10th St.). Same kinda food.