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May 3, 1999 11:03 AM

BIG group, inexpensive birthday dinner

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So it's my 27th birthday and I need a place that can
accomodate 15 people...and on short notice...and not
too expensive...
It's now Monday, we want to do this on Friday...
And everyone is paying their own way...max $$ should be
about $50...
Any thoughts?????

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  1. j
    Jerry Rothstein

    If you like Chinese food, any of a large number of
    places would be great for a Chinese banquet. One of
    the most attractive, and professional, but yet still
    reasonable is Tang Pavillion on 55th between fifth and
    sixth. Another fun place is Churrascaria Platforma on
    49th between 8th and 9th. It's a Brazilian fixed
    price place with a very large buffet for starters and
    then all manner of grilled meat served by circulating
    waiters who keep it coming until you tell them to stop.
    The food's pretty good, the value is terrific and if
    you go at 8PM or later, once the theater crowd clears
    out, it won't be too crowded.

    1. Have you considered Avenue on 85th and Columbus?
      They're pretty heavily booked, but the do have a small
      area in the back that might be available. Have them
      fax you a menu and you can see if they're within your

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      1. re: JMinNYC

        I have, in fact, eaten in that back room, but i didn't
        even think of it...
        What a brilliant idea...
        I will call them immediately...

      2. I highly recommend Carmine's for this sort of thing.
        It's very good Italian food, family style so it's fun
        (huge platters of food that everyone shares), not too
        expensive, and basically a good, garlic-y time.

        Happy b-day!