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May 2, 1999 05:10 PM

Mi Mexico in Northern Morningside Heights

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A new Mexican place just opened on Broadway between La
Salled and Tiemann called Mi Mexico. I stopped in for
a few (soft) tacos for lunch today: cecina, dried
beef, was oniony an salty; the goat barbacoa was
tender, sauceless shreeded meet with a chile coating
that tasted like guajillo though i could well be
mistakenly. It isn't L'Espiga, but it is also only two
blocks from my house so I am not complaining. They
will also be getting a "pastor" machine soon.

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  1. I work in that area so I went there for lunch today. I
    had a cecina soft taco and a chicken soft taco. I
    liked both, particularly the cecina, after I squirted
    on some lime and spooned on some of the nice hot sauce.
    I think I'll go back on Monday and try the goat taco.