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Apr 30, 1999 05:18 PM

Il Giglio

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Anybody ever been to this close relative of Il Mulino.
I read on the "What's My Craving" board some stiff
criticism of Il Mulino and I'm wondering whether the
problems there are also evident at Il Giglio.

I'm supposed to go next week for my birthday and I'm a
bit concerned...

What do you think...Any places you all would go
instead...looking for a wonderful Italian place for

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    stephen kaye

    We ate there, quite some time ago. had a very good meal. my fave for Italian however, is Piccola
    Venezia 718 721 8470, in astoria, near triboro bridge.

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      Well, last night was our dinner @ Il Giglio.
      And it was quite good...
      The minute you sit down you are bombarded with 4 plates
      of various "amuses bouches" -- bruschetta, parmesan
      cheese chips, zucchini in olive oil and garlic, and
      salami...All of which were delicious and oozing with
      The service varied -- sometimes it was VERY attentive
      (including free drinks for my birthday and offers for
      more free drinks), and sometimes it was lackluster --
      like when we wanted to order and sat for 10 minutes
      before we could find anybody...
      When we finally DID order, everything was well prepared
      and theatrically served...the food was wonderful -- i
      had a chicken scarpariello, my girlfriend had a
      spaghettini bolognese...and we shared a buffala
      mozzerella caprese to begin...
      Dessert was equally yummy (and indulgent) -- tiramisu
      for me, fresh fruit cut (again very theatrically) at
      tableside and then doused (or maybe drowned) in grand
      Complimentary sambuca for both of us for my birthday...
      Wine list was NOT very impressive, but we had a
      suitable vermentino for $35 that left nothing to be
      All in all, a great place for a birthday or for any
      occasion...If you get there later, the place tends to
      clear out and the service improves dramatically...