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Apr 29, 1999 09:10 PM

Carnegie Hall area

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Have a rehearsal for an opera at Carnegie Hall next Sat (5/9) and would like to have dinner thereafter. All I can think of is Molyvos. I like it very much but would like to have alternative suggestions in case my companions, who are altos, dont care for Greek taverna. Any ideas?

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  1. Hit Menchanko Tei for great Japanese soups plus app's. It's right nearby at 39 West 55th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) and, best of all, there's obviously no dairy to clog up yer windpipe....


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      Michele Fuchs

      I used to live right there so I have a few favorites...

      Trattoria Dell'Arte- 57th and 7th. Wonderful anitpasto
      bar, great thin crust pizzas, excellent entrees, nice
      looking crowd. Not cheap but never had a bad meal.

      Topaz- 56th between 6th and 7th. One of my faves for
      Thai food. Moderate, cozy but not too small and great


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      1. re: Michele Fuchs

        Hear Hear!
        Sit at the bar if you decide on Dell Arte, The best
        tapas bar in that area.
        I heard that the monster next door, Red Eye Grill, had
        a fire? They couldn't be so LUCKY?
        I guess the dancing shrimp lit the place up.
        Regards, JK

        1. re: Michele Fuchs

          I second Topaz. It's one of my favorite Thai places.
          The food is consistently good and the staff is
          friendly, although somewhat harried. A couple of
          years ago, I went there often for lunch, but word has
          gotten out and unless I show up at noon the line is
          too long for an hour lunchbreak.

        2. We are in prime soft-shell season.
          The only place in Manhattan that has ever given Piccola
          Venezia a run for it's money, ( In my opinion ) is
          Bello. 9th Ave @56th.
          Great seafood salad, fresh mozzarella & tomato, above
          average fried calamari for starters.
          BIG drinks, nice waiters (al la PV )
          A great butterflied veal chop for the carnivores and
          perfectly prepared seafood.
          call ahead.
          Regards, JK