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Apr 24, 1999 05:21 PM

Breakfast Epiphany in Harlem

  • j

Devotees of diner-style breakfast should head on up to
M & G Soul Food Diner on 125th and Morningside. Their
grits are awesome. (Corned beef hash was only fair.) I
did not order pancakes but I sure wound up wishing I
had, as I watched the pancakes that everybody _else_
seemed to be ordering going by; they looked
scrumptious, as did the eggs. Wonderful smell of food
in the dining room, pleasant waitresses. What are you
waiting for?

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  1. f
    Frank Language

    Wow; I was at M&G a few months and I had no idea it was
    a great breakfast place. I went there around lunch and
    got a bowl of blackeyed peas - which were very good, by
    the way. They didn't have corn bread, so I ordered two
    corn muffins.

    The waitress was brisk and a little surly, and I vowed
    to go back anyway; I love diners. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Jeremy--there are great grits all over Harlem (last I
      checked, Pan Pan's--500 Lenox Ave--were particularly
      good). I've not eaten breakfast at M&G (though I'll
      take your word for it), but I can tell you that from
      afternoon on the staff is anything but pleasant. And
      though Ed Levine highly rated their fried chicken, I've
      always been much less impressed with it.

      Obviously, I'm not disagreeing with you, just trying to
      fill in some extra info on the place...


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        "there are great grits all over Harlem"

        Point taken -- I'm sure there are; I have never
        breakfasted in Harlem. My only reference point was the
        grits I have been served in Jamaica, which have been
        consistently mediocre -- runny, bland, more like
        cream-of-wheat than grits. These in comparison had a
        nice body to them, and the flavor was a bit like the
        taste of a good arepa -- buttery, nutty. And like I
        said the pancakes looked great too. The hash was not so
        good though.