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Apr 24, 1999 04:19 PM


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Who knows about this place?
Should I go?
I want to go for dinner, even though I heard the brunch is good.
I'd appreciate any info on whether it's the good, the bad or the ugly!

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  1. I've been twice for dinner and once for lunch. It was
    terrific both times. However, a friend just said that
    the service has slipped a lot. So, maybe their success
    is getting to them. However, my meals were excellent.
    So if you try it, please post and let us know.

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    1. re: phyllis

      I have to echo all the comments about this place. The
      two times I've been they've had a wider and better
      selection of oysters than at Grand Central Oyster Bar.
      They were served perfectly too, right temperature with
      all the juices glistening in the shells. The entrees
      were particularly creative and well balanced. The
      salmon in the felafel crust with a cucumber
      vinaigrette is great. Ditto a crab risotto. The wine
      selection was interesting and varied and the waiter
      recommended a great wine that matched all our meals.
      The desserts that my friends ordered were actually
      good ( I had held back ordering because I assumed
      there would have to be a letdown somewhere. There
      wasn't) Altogether, my new favorite place in Soho.

    2. I've had three no-bars-held dinners at Aquagrille, all
      of them sublime and expensive. Go when you can open
      your purse strings. I've never had bad service there
      either; in fact quite the opposite. Their oysters are
      perfectly fresh, appetizers delectable, entrees
      fantastic, even desserts have been perfection. In fact,
      it has been my favorite "special treat" restaurant in
      Manhattan for a couple of years now. Keep me posted on
      how you like it.

      1. LOVE IT! I've been eating here around three times a
        month for the past 6 months and just gets better and
        better. The food is fabulous - ALWAYS fresh. The
        service is terrific. Friendly waiters who know their
        stuff and apatient with questions, menu variations,
        etc. I'd have to say it's one of my favorite
        restaurants in NYC. I'd recommend it highly to anyone!