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Apr 21, 1999 02:26 PM

tapioca tea

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I read in TONY that a hong-kong tea chain called Saint
Alps (?) opened up at 51 Mott between Canal and
Bayard. There is a picture of that soothing,
summertime drink tapioca tea; has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Gordon,

    I dropped in on St. Alps last weekend. It's the only
    states-side branch of a huge Hong-Kongese franchise
    that serves tapioca drinks, fruit shakes, appetizers
    and even little "pizzas" with pineapple.

    I tried a black tea drink with coconut juice and
    tapioca. For 2.95, it was small (I guess you pay for
    the big straw!) but refreshing. It's worth a try.
    Tell me what you think.


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    1. re: michael
      Frank Language

      Deputy-dog writes: "I tried a black tea drink with
      coconut juice and tapioca. For 2.95, it was small (I
      guess you pay for the big straw!) but refreshing."

      Well, I finally stopped at Saint's Alp today and had
      the same thing: I must say...I am repulsed! Nothing in
      my culinary history ever prepared me for sucking up
      slime balls with an oversized straw; I thought our
      mothers told us to stop doing things like that when we
      were kids. I'd rather drink chicha chewed and spat by
      native South American Indians [search "Extreme
      Chowhounding"], which is essentially also a tapioca

      The good thing is that when these tea parlors (and I am
      a tea drinker) start popping up all over Manhattan like
      Star#%$#&s, I won't be tempted to go in and plunk down
      my lunch money for a cup of tea.

      1. re: Frank Language

        i live in md and TAPIOCA TEA IS SOOO favorite
        thing to drink i must go at least 3 times a week....the
        big straw, the tapioca, the great tasting tea, all
        together form a wonderful combination

        1. re: Frank Language

          Hey ... they have tapicoa tea in Maryland? Where?
          I tried it before and want to have it again? Anyone
          know where I can go and get one?

        2. re: michael

          I'm a big fan of Saint's Alp, and I'd heard rumours that there was going to be one opening in the Times Square area. Can anyone confirm/deny? It would bring me great joy to know that I could spend my summer lunch breaks savoring the refreshing milky goodness of some tapioca tea. And you're never too old to have peanut butter toast for lunch, right?

          Alternately, anyone know of a place in midtown where I could get my tapioca pearl 'n toast fix?

          1. re: michael

            Try NY Villa on Chrystie St. Their tapioca drinks are phenomenal and much cheaper than St. Alps. I've eaten at St. Alps and brought friends there and they weren't impressed. They really enjoyed NY Villa though.