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Apr 20, 1999 10:17 AM

New Pal For Patria

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I'm not sure if this is news to all you New York
chowpuppies, but I attended a James Beard dinner last
night in CLeveland where two of your chefs, Douglas
Rodriguez, (Patria), and Don Pintabona, (TriBeCa
Grill), participated. Rodriguez announced he will be
opening a new restaurant, ORO. Said to be a more
upscale version of Patria. Also, I've read all the
slams on TriBeCa on this site, but I must tell you
that chef Don's course of sauteed foie gras,(Hudson
Valley), with parsnip puree, apple-cranberry-black
pepper chutney and a roasted cherry sauce elicited
moans of pleasure from the entire dining room. It was
a flawless dish.

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