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Apr 20, 1999 10:09 AM

Chinese Banquet Advice

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I am on jury duty and we are thinking of celebrating
our last day with a simple Chinese banquet near the
City Hall part of Chinatown (i.e. nothing on Division,
East Broadway etc..) Our preferred price is $10. I
went to Jing Foon even though I think their food is a
bit tired, because they are convenient. They
suggested eggroll, sweet and sour pork and shrimp lo
mein. When I objected they got huffy. This
experience has been repeated, right down to the menu
suggestions, with a few other places. I don't want to
get too exotic but there must be a middle ground. I
love Triple Eight, but they are too far away. Can
anyone recommend a place that can easily accommodate
about 20 people and would be a bit more adventurous.
No further east than Elizabeth Street, please.

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  1. with all due respect, $10 per person does not sound
    like a price for a Chinese "banquet"; I can see why
    the larger restaurants might not take it seriously;
    its the kind of Chinese restaurant meal that school
    and tour groups get. You would be best going
    somewhere with relatively thoughtful service and order
    a series of dishes starting with appetizers and a soup
    to share. Since the Chinese groups seem to all follow
    a sharing format, the restaurants seem to know how to
    handle it quantity and service-wise. Why not walk over
    and look at menus to plan out a possible menu
    yourself, then talk to the manager in person. One
    place that was very cooperative in working out an
    evening banquet menu that was very reasonably priced
    was Fuleen Seafood Rest at 1 Division Street (outside
    your territory). Or, you could go to a place like 20
    Mott, Golden Unicorn or Harmony Palace for dim sum,
    and order some of their special noodle dishes off the
    lunch menu for the tables to share. Good luck!