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Apr 15, 1999 09:48 AM

ribs in manhattan

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Sometime early this year (February or March perhaps)
there was an item in the New York Times Dining IN/OUT
regarding a take out place on the upper east side
serving assorted foods but featurning ribs. Does
anyone recall this place?

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  1. The only thing I miss about getting to take the 7 train
    into Manhattan every day was the ability to read the
    Times every morning.
    I still try to pick it up on Weds. & Fri. to read about
    chow. ( Still get Sundays and read it cover to cover!)
    Didn't catch the article you're talking about, but I
    have my own BBQ query.
    Last week on Emeril Live! they featured a place called
    " The Rib Shack " and showed their marinating and
    baking process. Does anyone know where this place is ?
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesek

      Perhaps the place you're referring to on the u.e.s is
      Brother Jimmy's, which is on the corner (NW) of 76th
      St. & 1st Ave. The food won't blow you away, but it's
      not bad...the sides tend to be pretty good as well.

      It can be a real zoo in there, so pick your times
      well. It's also usually a pretty boisterous crowd,
      especially towards the middle and end of the week.

      1. re: John Knoesek

        I suggest you look under the search function and type in "rib shack" jeff has a funny story to tell about this place! I dont know if it's the same place that you were talking about?

        1. re: Billy

          Don't know if others have had the same experience but
          we have some sorry news to report as regards the Hog
          Pit, on 13th and 9th Ave.
          This was one of the best rib places in the city for
          the past two years but things have changed in more
          ways than the ill-advised periwinkle blue paint job
          around the bar.
          Terri Mangrum, are you still there, if so what
          happened, if not thanks for the memories. We used to
          enjoy fall off the bone, clean, tasty ribs; the kind
          that engendered the desire to keep this place a
          treasured secret or sing the praises to selected
          friends that would truly appreciate the quality and
          care that was obviously present.
          Now, however, after two successive tries, the ribs are
          now fatty and tough, the very antithesis of what is
          Perhaps their success has led to the rise in prices
          and lowering of quality. It's a shame but certainly
          not the first time we've seen this happen.
          Has anybody else had a similar take on this formerly
          funky, comfy, rib joint??

      2. It's called Pret a Porter, like the movie. I believe
        it's on 2nd ave., in the low 80s. walk by there all
        the time. have been meaning to check it out since the
        article, but haven't had a chance yet. let me know if
        you try it.