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Apr 15, 1999 09:45 AM

Sunday Dinner in Soho/Village

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Has anyone tried the food at Liam's on Thompson Street
or Velli's on Houston? Any dishes that stand out?

I am looking for a place to take my wife and mother in
Soho/central Village to dinner (that is non-Italian)
after a presentation at the Aesthetic Realism
Foundation this Sunday.

Are there any other restaurants that you can recommend
that are reasonably priced and might even take

Thanks so much, Steve

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  1. c
    chris b. shaw

    If you are up for Indian Tandoori there is a really topnotch restaurant called Bombay City. 29 7th Ave.South between Morton and Bedford in the West Village. 212-414-0931. It comes highly touted by Julie Sahni my guru of Indian Cooking. I've had lunch there 3 times . I think it is fantastic.Great prices to boot.

    1. went to liam last year and loved it. cute little
      place, cozy, dimly lit. since it was a year ago, i
      can't recall exactly what i ate, but i do remember them
      having something called celeriac soup which was just
      awesome. the food was very good and best of all,
      prices were incredibly reasonable for the level of food
      they served. also, the wine list was quite reasonable
      as well. i definitely recommend the place, and
      definitely get the celeriac soup if it's still on the