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First time in NY- Help!

J.Killin Apr 13, 1999 07:04 PM

Wife's just turned 40 and I've promised her a weekend
in NY to see a show on Broadway and a couple nights of
dinner. Need help with great places for dinner.
Appreciate a dinner recommendation (in Manhatten) for :


I prefer biggg portions rather than food served as
artwork - and we're not rich. Heading to the city
from Ohio farmland (50 dairy cows in our back yard)

Thanks for the help!

  1. m
    mitchw Apr 17, 1999 03:53 PM

    Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in re: food in Manhattan
    for your quicky trip here.

    For pizza, I do agree that John's (especially the one
    on Bleecker) is pretty darn good, can't say I love
    Patsy's, but Lombardi's on Spring Street (#32) between
    the Bowery and Mott is awesome. Like you died and
    went to pizza heaven. Stay away from lots of toppings
    (though the clam pie is very unique), and you will not
    be disappointed.

    1. m
      Michele Fuchs Apr 14, 1999 10:26 AM

      As there are SOOO many wonderful restaurants in NYC
      and you have so little time, not to mention the
      parameters you have set for yourself, here are some
      places you may want to try that fit your bill:

      Pizza: Patsy's Pizza, 5 locations in the city. Thin
      crust pizza, big salads and big bowls of pasta. 3rd
      avenue bet 34th and 35th (by my apt.), 69th and 2nd
      avenue, University place bet 10th and 11th, 74th bet
      Columbus and CPW and one WAY up town.

      John's Pizza: thin crust pizza, etc. Bleecker st
      between 6th and 7th ave so (the original and the
      best), 65th bet CPW and CPolumbus, 64th bet 1st and
      york, 44th bet 8th and b'way.

      Steak: Without leaving Manhattan and heading to Peter
      Luger's in Bklyn, which is cash only BTW, I like
      Sparks on 46th bet 2nd and 3rd, Michael Jordan's in
      Grand Central not only serves good food (steaks/
      seafood) it is also an experience as you dine right in
      Grand Central with a view of the whole place, recently
      renovated. Also...down on park avenue bet 28th and
      29th sts, there are 2 places (siblings I think) that
      are little french steak/bistros a la Paris, Les Halles
      which even houses a small butcher shop and Park
      Bistro, the slightly more upscale of the two, being
      that there is no shop and the prices are a few dollars
      higher. Both are fun is you like a lot of activity and
      noise, like a french bistro (which I do at times). The
      steak frites are terrific and the crowd very hip and
      good looking. Oh did I mention the wine list!!!!

      Italian: One of my faves: Da Umberto on 17th bet 6th
      and 7th. Very Tuscan like, wonderful antipasto ,hip,
      and terrific friendly/ part of the family type
      service. As a matter of fact, I've sat next to Linda
      Evangelista and another time, Michele Marsh (NYC
      news). We even celebrated my 30th b-day there.

      Some on this site may argue that there is no good
      Italian in NYC, I disagree. I also recommend Le Madri
      on 18th and 7th.

      For moderate Italian, HUGE portions, and lively
      ambience...try Carmines. Family style, major garlic
      and very fun...great for groups. Theater district,
      44th bet b'way and 8th and B'way bet 90th and 91st.
      Uptown was the original.

      Seafood: I LOVE Blue Water Grill on 16th and Union
      Square West. Not only is the building a lovely old
      style bank with columns, etc. the downstairs is also a
      Jazz bar with great music and makes dinner into a
      whole evening of activity, Not to mention the nabe is

      Also, for both seafood and steak, and ambience,
      Maloney and Porcelli on 50th bet mad and park is
      great. It is known for its large portions, great wines
      (usually the special is terrfic AND reasonably
      priced), and try to sit by the windows, especially if
      the weather is nice.

      Two last things, Lola on 22nd bet 5th and 6th has a
      super Gospel brunch on Sundays that is terrific. The
      music is jumping and the food terrific. Also, if you
      walk along Bleecker in the west village, you are bound
      to hit upon tons of great, cheap eats, and Park Avenue
      South to fall in to a place for drinks and apps (Park
      Avalon is lovely in the bar area)! WALK-WALK-WALK.

      Most of all...ENJOY and Happy-happy to your wife!

      1. w
        wonki Apr 14, 1999 01:36 AM

        well, i'll try to help you a little bit just off the
        top of my head. please note, these are not necessarily
        my favorites but are ones i think might fit well within
        your parameters. for italian, i've heard gennaro's is
        pretty good. it's on amsterdam between 92nd and 93rd.
        but honestly, there are about a million good cheap
        italian places all over manhattan. as for seafood, you
        might want to try one of the "grills", blue water
        grill, ocean grill or atlantic grill. they're all run
        by the same person. they're pretty popular and trendy
        right now and slightly expensive but won't make you go
        broke and the food is very good. i personally love
        union pacific, but i think that would fall into your
        category of food as art, and is also a bit pricey. if
        you want steak, you cannot go anywhere other than peter
        luger's in brooklyn. almost everybody will tell you
        the same thing. make reservations now. it may be
        expensive, but worth it. if there's one night you
        should splurge, let it be luger's. as for pizza, i
        like john's on 65th between columbus and central park
        west. it's the very thin crust kind, and it's a
        restaurant, not a little hole in the wall where you
        have to stand by a counter and eat your slice. you
        might want to go to a bookstore and pick up a copy of
        the zagat new york restaurant survey. it will
        definitely help you in your quest. it's ten dollars,
        and i realize you're only coming out here for a few
        days, but believe me, your wife will thank you and it
        will make your life a lot easier. it will be totally
        worth it. good luck and hope you enjoy your stay in
        new york.

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        1. re: wonki
          Jessica Apr 14, 1999 09:33 AM

          Wonki mentioned John's Pizza, which is a good
          suggestion. There is also a branch of John's in the
          theater district - you said you were planning to see a
          show or two, so that might be convenient. I THINK it's
          on 44th St. near Broadway but I could be wrong. It's
          in a lovely old building that used to be a church, I
          Have a great trip!

          1. re: wonki
            steve d. Apr 14, 1999 09:37 AM

            Might I suggest Jim's book rather than Zagat's? You have to use Z with discretion, whereas most of the places in the Guide to Eclectic Dining are pretty inexpensive, and they're all guaranteed delicious.

          2. f
            Frank Language Apr 14, 1999 12:48 AM

            You may not have a lot of time on your hands, but
            neither do we; it's been suggested before, and I'll say
            it again: there are a zillion back posts from people
            who are passionate about food. You can search the site
            to find just what you're looking for, and you may learn
            more from your research than if someone actually
            answered your "Quick: what's good to eat in New York?"

            Good luck.

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