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Apr 12, 1999 11:41 PM

Happy Greek Easter 1999 at Ithaka

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Ithaka is a wonderful, authentic Greek Taverna lovated
in the Village on Barrow Street (48 Barrow St.) Last
night I had a wonderful taditional Greek Easter dinner
with my Greek in-laws. The delighful meal included:
magiritsa soup-an avgolemeno soup flavored with a
lamb's head broth and a delicate touch of dill.
Delicious bits of lamb's liver and intestine floating
Next was grilled kokoretsi- yet another greek
gastrointestinal delicacy. Roasted glikadakia (sweet
breads, liver wrapped in a surprisingly tender lamb
intestine. Although this may sound unappetizing it
happens to be delicious. Really.
The main course was a delicious roasted baby lamb,
slow-roasted on a spit in front of the restaurant. I
noticed many people stopping and staring in wonder and
disbelief? disgust?If they only knew how good it
tasted. The kokoretsi was also grilled outside.
Desserts were typical baklava and the not to be missed
galaktobouris which is a phyllo wrapped custard served
in a warm syrup.
The regual menu deserves praise as well. I have been
many times and have yet to be dissapointed. Also not
to be missed: octopodaki-fresh grilled octopus,
aginares yemistes-artichokes stuffed with greek goat
cheese, karavides-blue point prawns char-boiled.
Okay before I give away the entire many...go! It is a
beautiful place with friendly service. A lovely garden
is open year round

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  1. after dozens of enjoyable meals and literally thousands
    of dollars spent with friends and family at one of our
    favorite neighborhood restaurants, we will never return
    there. the owner of the restaurant feels it is okay to
    aggressively curse at customers who stand in his doorway
    with rollerblades to order a takeout meal. to be asked
    to step outside is understandable--but to be verbally
    attacked to the degree that i went through in front of
    patrons and staff is more than unacceptable. one can
    only imagine the treatment of staff or god forbid
    another patron who upsets the obviously ill owner of
    this establishment