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Apr 12, 1999 01:41 PM

3 good picks

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My 2 cents - recent excellent meals:

Home Restaurant
- it is in the phone-book, near washington square park-
halibut on white beans, you have to try thier onion
rings with homemade ketchup
Grange Hall
- Brook Trout with Green Beans- great wine list, one
of my favorites
Mercer Kithcen
- the lobster appetizer, the Red Snapper-try the

good luck and good eating

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  1. Home restaurant has always been a favorite. They're
    on Cornelia St between Bleecker and 3rd (across from
    Pò). I loved their cumin-crusted pork chops, when
    they were regularly on the menu, and always enjoy
    their buttery mashed sweet potatoes with. Ditto the
    bleu cheese fondue appetizer topped with just a
    smattering of carmelized onion and rosemary oil.