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Apr 11, 1999 10:48 PM

"new good taste" malaysian

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I've posted before about this tiny place at 1 Doyers Street; used to be named No. 1 Delicious. Marquee dish seems to be Hainan chicken, poached chicken served alongside chicken-flavored rice, garnished with coriander and cuke slices with chili-ginger sauce to dip. About half of the patrons have it and it IS delicious. We also like the water spinach with fish paste, watercress, bean sprouts with dried fish, beancurd dishes, noodles (various), esp the broad rice version, curries, sate and fish. They do an excellent job in their limited range. Has somewhat irregular hours; NOT a late night spot.

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  1. How do you compare the rice accompanying the Hainan
    chicken with the one at Nyonya or Penang? Very
    interested in what you think.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong

      when we have had the Hainan chicken, it has always
      been a part of a larger meal, and served without the
      scoop of rice - so I can't opine, until I remember to
      order it "correctly". But what we see served out to
      patron after patron looks golden and delicious. Is the
      dish worth ordering at Nyonya? What else there do you
      particularly recommend?

      1. re: jen kalb
        jonathan gold

        But the whole point of Hainan chicken rice
        IS the rice--the chicken itself, which may be
        either fried or boiled, is more or
        less thrown in as lagniappe.

        1. re: jonathan gold

          You are right - I think we have in the past ordered
          from the "wrong" menu line - so we got the 1/2
          chicken,(wonderful by the way), hacked up, with
          garnishes, and not the chicken and rice combo, which,
          as you say, is the classic dish, and was being eaten
          by about half of the restaurant's patrons Saturday

        2. re: jen kalb

          This is one dish that is worth ordering at Nyonya.
          The chicken rice there is excellent and tastes REALLY
          close to what I had growing up in Singapore. Jonathan
          Gold's right -- the rice is the important component of
          the dish.

          With the Penang family's resources stretched out so
          thin (like their roti canai) over so many restaurants,
          things can get inconsistent. These are the dishes I
          usually order at Nyonya -- the Hainan chicken rice,
          roti canai, the Nyonya rojak (with thick black pungent
          shrimp paste, it's an acquired taste), chow kway teow,
          mee siam, beef rendang, and the crispy spicy squid. I
          generally stay away from the more expensive seafood

          BTW Jen, did you get the email I sent you over the
          weekend? I'll re-send if you didn't get it.

          1. re: Gary Cheong

            thanks for all the recommendations, Gary and your e-
            mail. Will be back to you on that.

            1. re: jen kalb

              You're welcome. I will try to check out your
              Malaysian recommendation soon and compare the chicken

              1. re: Gary Cheong

                That's "Good New Taste". I had the chicken rice
                yesterday. Short long-grain rice (if that makes
                sense) with what I would consider from a western
                perspective a very mild chicken flavor. The broth
                served alongside was good but bland - guess I am a
                salt addict. In restrospect, the way I had the chicken
                before (it was served with a little soy/sesame oil, as
                well as the chile ginger sauce, coriander etc.)over
                the chicken seems a little tastier.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Did you just order the rice alone, without the chicken
                  this time? Sounds like the rice needed the chicken
                  and the soy and chili sauce together to make an impact
                  for you. When the rice is perfect, you can just eat
                  that without the chicken (I prefer to add a little of
                  the chili sauce to the rice). Now go and try the rice
                  at Nyonya -- I have a feeling that Nyonya's chicken
                  rice is superior to Good New Taste's.

                  1. re: Gary Cheong

                    Hi everybody! I have never posted an entry before but
                    have enjoyed reading all your
                    reviews/recommendations/comments since I came across
                    this site a few months ago. Thank you - it's been
                    very informative. :-)

                    Since coming to nyc/US 8 months ago I've been on the
                    lookout for a good Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant
                    and decided to try Good New Taste Restaurant last
                    month after reading a review in these pages.
                    Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed. My test
                    of a Malaysian restaurant is the hainanese chicken
                    rice, which is almost comfort food for me. The
                    chicken I was served was tough and flavourless. The
                    rice, which is crucial to the meal, was plain white
                    rice. If it had been cooked in stock, I certainly
                    couldn't taste it. As for the ginger/chilli sauce, it
                    was watered-down bottled chilli sauce. The soup was
                    bland, as Jen Kalb said. My friend ordered a nasi
                    lemak which was also disappointing - plain white rice
                    (no taste of coconut milk at all) served with cold
                    chicken curry and 2 huge slices of cucumber.

                    To make it worse, I was NOT impressed with the service
                    either. I watched in amazement as the woman behind
                    the counter literally grabbed a customer’s arm as he
                    was leaving and shouted at him because he hadn’t left
                    a tip. The poor chap could hardly understand her, and
                    she pulled him back to the table and told him that he
                    had to leave some money on the table. Yikes.

                    But back to the food...perhaps I am over-critical and
                    perhaps I should have sampled the bak-kut-teh which
                    was the item originally recommended here, but I would
                    stick to Nyonya or Penang (although some of the
                    branches seem pretty dicey) or Malaysia Restaurant
                    (which is close by to the Good New Taste and serves a
                    far, far better hainanese chicken rice and a good roti
                    canai, amongst other things!)

                    Thank you to the folks who recommended Patria (loved
                    it) and Chowpatty! Can’t wait to try out all the other
                    recommendations here!

                    Sorry if this is way too long – verbal diarrhoea has a
                    way of communicating itself in the written medium!

                    1. re: Anita

                      Hi Anita -- welcome to Chowhound. Please post when
                      ever you want.

                      I can understand where you are coming from about how
                      disappointed you were at GNT. Since you have left (I
                      assume Malaysia) only 8 months ago, you still remember
                      very well what what "very good" tastes like.

                      I'm always on the lookout for some other alternative
                      to Nyonya/Penang, so if you find any please post it

                      1. re: Gary Cheong

                        Hi Gary,
                        Thanks, it was very kind of you to welcome me.
                        I'm sure I'll get used to this - just as I assume I'll
                        eventually get to the stage where I can hold a private
                        conversation with someone in a public place and not
                        feel self-conscious about the people listening in!

                        1. re: Anita

                          "I'll eventually get to the stage where I can hold a private conversation with someone in a public place and not feel self-conscious about the people listening in!"

                          It's even less private than that, Anita! At any given moment, someone out of the blue may even pipe in and interrupt! But I really like knowing that at any given moment someone we'd not heard from before (for every active poster there are thousands of silent "lurkers") might inject a bit of information that will change my life!

                          Also, I caught your apology to Jen elsewhere in this thread; listen, while politeness is a virtue, dissenting opinions--even ADAMENTLY dissenting opinons!--are what makes these boards useful and entertaining. So I'd invite you (and anyone else) to pitch in ANYTIME with an opinion, even if the person posting seems intimidatingly knowledgable.

                          I second Gary's welcome, by the way. It's a shame that my attention is so divided and I can't personally welcome all new faces here...


                    2. re: Gary Cheong

                      I am surprised at your experience with the chicken -
                      the chicken itself has always been delicious in my
                      experience. Hate to think that my posting on this site
                      might have affected the ecology at GNT for the worse.
                      To get the chicken rice (admittedly not the most full-
                      flavored) rather than white, you have to order off the
                      over-rice menu. I had the nasi lemak more than a year
                      ago - it had more components then, including a warm
                      curry, egg and fried fishes, altho I agree, no
                      coconut in the rice. As for the service, it has
                      always been brusque and unpolished but increasingly
                      cordial. Our experience at GNT has been better than at
                      Malaysia and Indonesia Rest. up the street, although
                      admittedly the latter has a more extensively Malaysian
                      memo and the roti canai is good. In particular we were
                      disappointed in vegetable dishes, such as kangkung, at
                      Malaysia, and thought that the flavors were fresher
                      and brighter at NGT where we have had generally good
                      experiences with fish, beancurd, noodle and veg
                      dishes. Nyonya is better overall than either of the
                      above places, but we don't always want a mob scene.
                      Sorry if my post led to a disappointing experience.

                      1. re: Jen Kalb

                        Hi Jen, I did order the “over rice” chicken!

                        I hope I didn’t inadvertently offend you – I did
                        appreciate your recommendation, as I do all the other
                        recommendations on these pages. I must have just
                        caught GNT on a bad day.

                        Btw, the Malaysia Restaurant I referred to is in an
                        arcade on Bowery Street between Canal and Bayard (?).
                        I don’t recall “Indonesia” in its name. Are we
                        talking about the same place? If yes – oops, just
                        ignore me! If no – may I have the address please?

                        1. re: Anita

                          Hey, Anita, its great to have you on board. I was
                          just sorry you had a disappointing meal.

                          I was referring in my note to The Malaysia and
                          Indonesia Restaurant which is up at the top of Doyers
                          and not to the restaurant in the arcade, which must be
                          the oldest malaysian restaurant in Chinatown. Thanks
                          for making recommendations there. I'll enjoy hearing
                          more of your thoughts.

        3. I love their soup! Never got to the Hainan Chicken
          (I've been there about 5 times but always when the
          weather was very cold; in that situation I go straight
          for the soup.) Now that it's warming up I'll have to
          go back there and try the rest of the menu.

          1. i love nyonya. we had dinner there on saturday night and were seated at a large table with a malaysian family whoe were just back from 6 weeks in their homeland. they said the food in malaysia is so much better than anything here. and they also said the best malaysian restaurant in the new york area was a place called "Curry Leaf" in Queens. Anyone tried it? Is it worth the trip from Manhattan?