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Apr 10, 1999 11:31 PM

Jekyll & Hyde Pub 'help'

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I'm taking my niece (9 yrs old) into Manhatten to eat and see a play. I'd like to go somewhere a little 'different' to eat. How is 'Jekyl & Hyde's Pub' on 91 7th Ave. S.? I read on the internet that 'The Jekyll & Hyde Club' (1409 Ave of America's) might be too scary for children. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Rich,
    I went to Jekyll & Hyde with my niece and nephew
    (who were 7 and 10) and other members of the family
    last year, and the kids, especially the older one,
    enjoyed the restaurant very much. Personally, I didn't
    find the food anything special (and that's an
    understatement), but the experience was entertaining
    for the small fry. There's quite a bit of activity--
    fortune-telling, outbreaks of singing and dancing,
    etc.--that occur during the meal, and my niece loved
    all of it. Other theater-district places like
    Virgil's, though, serve better chow.

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    1. re: Susan T.

      My nephew and his pals have loved J&H since it opened,
      he especially has enjoyed repeat visits to show it off
      to chums who've never been. Bottom line, while I've
      never had a good meal, I've never had a bad time (or
      experience) with the kids.

      1. re: Susan T.

        Is the Jekyll&Hyde still open?

        1. re: wolfman

          Unfortunately. My daughter can't get enough of the place. And sometimes, after she's been unusually good, the Village J&H is inevitable. At least the beer list is good.

          1. re: wolfman

            Yes it is still open. I was there in March, and let me tell you. It is the apsolute best place I've ever been to in my life. I had such an amazing time there. And when I get a chance to go back to New York I will deffinatly be there every night.
            I found out that they had a web site, it's
            Check it out, it's a great site!!