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Apr 9, 1999 04:06 PM

Across the Street

  • j

My wife and I and another couple had dinner here last
night and it was exceptionally pleasant. Salads were
fresh and tasty, heirloom tomato soup zesty, and main
courses bountiful and very well-prepared and presented.
The steak in particular, an organic hunk of meat from
California, was just about the best I've ever eaten:
beautifully charred and incredibly tender and rich and
beefy-tasting. Across the Street has a small but very
well-chosen and reasonably priced wine list -- we
enjoyed a Saintsbury Pinot Noir for about $28. The
bartender makes a perfect martini and the service was
gracious and intelligent. So...why wasn't anyone
there? We ate at 8 pm and there were maybe ten other
diners in the place. The location is problematic (91st
and York) but I had heard that the restaurant was doing
well. Did we catch it on an off night? Anyone have any

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  1. c
    Chris B. Shaw

    John ................Your report sounds very favorable indeed. Having dined here several times I would like to put forth the notion that Mr. Eli Zabar has come to his senses and reduced his prices to a more favorable and customer friendly level. The location of course does not exactly help. Perhaps its pricey reputation is getting in the way. From the sounds of it , it is worth another try.